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$HA WORLDWIDE is a collective based out of New Jersey. The collective has a wide arsenal of expression via music, fashion, streaming & more. In 2019 the members of $HA assembled as a company but as a family first with the intention of seeing to it that each and every member gets their dream out. Taking a family approach to business $HA also takes a family approach to entertainment, looking to engage with their fans and supporters and treat them like family as well. The founder of $HA “Marty Rantzen” has a philosophy that there are people out in the world that can relate to at least one member of the collective and will build some sort of bond and connection that goes past selling a brand peer to peer, a connection someone can identify with and hold close to them for the rest of their lives. Marty once said, “I want our supporters to know us instead of just feeling like they know us.” As $HA embarks on their journey sharing everything they have to offer with the world, They are going into their journey with an optimistic and welcoming attitude hoping to impact every life they come in contact with whether it’s giving someone a smile, a memory, or something tangible that they can hold on to and cherish forever.

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Marty Rantzen

Rapper, Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor & Producer

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